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A Course To Help You Design an Indoor Crab Farm

Helping you avoid costly design issues

Errors in the initial design can be very costly to fix. 

Some of these common errors include not providing enough area for:

  • Mud Crab Farming Boxes

  • Biofiltration Equipment

  • Packing Stations

  • Quarantine Tanks

  • Piping Systems

  • Storage and Housekeeping


You do not have to be confused anymore.


Our courses are priced in a way that you will be sure to re-coup the investment


In-depth technical analysis and design criteria will be covered in-depth to empower you in setting up your own farm

Supplier Network

Get access to our network of verified suppliers so that you do not have to waste time sourcing for the equipment. 

At RAS Aquaculture, we know how it feels like to be lost in the aquaculture industry. With over 10 years of operational and consulting experience, we have helped over 1000 international client overcome their challenges faced in the aquaculture sector. 


International Clients

>10 years

Operational Experience


1. Buy the Course

IPractial tips on mud crab farming, online and physical course available

2. Learn the Secrets

Discover the secrets in trade, which you can apply in the design stage

3. Start Designing

Start planning the design of your mud crab farming systems. 

At RAS Aquaculture, we know that you're the kind of people who want to be a profitable yet sustainable aquaculture business. Therefore, you need to utilized novel technology beyond what is currently practiced by your competitors. The problem is the understanding of these technologies can be very daunting for many investors, which makes you feel intimidated. We believe that all potential investors need to understand the risk and the rewards profiles for any investors, including aquaculture businesses. Just like you, we had to step into this industry unaware of the risks and potential pitfalls in the industry. That's why we started this course to help investors understand the risks to steer our clients away from disaster. Here's how it works, you can purchase our online course or attend one of our physical courses at our farm. Learn the secrets of the trade, and start designing your farm. So buy now, so that you can stop feeling confused and start your successful and sustainable aquaculture venture. 

Mud Crab Farming Online Course  - $109.99

  • Unlimited access to the 3.5 hours on-demand video

  • Downloadable course materials - 18 Lectures

  • Technical support & consultation

  • Forum for members for discussion and latest update

  • Full rebate if joining physical course in future

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