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We at RAS Aquaculture pride ourselves in being able to help many businesses protect their investments in the aquaculture industries. As a fellow farmer, we understand the difficulty of running a profitable venture. Most importantly, we help businesses to have a holistic view of the aquaculture industry and help connect them to the key players. 

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Testimonials from Our Clients

Whether the RAS system is suitable and sustainable in my part of Malaysia. The course made it very clear to me and helped me understand the opportunities and challenges that I will/would be facing if I dived straight into it without proper understanding and operation of the RAS System. I was also very happy that the Instructor took the time and effort to create a hypothetical scenario if I were to operate the RAS system in my town and also the projected Revenue and Expenses. That's the part which I think attracts alot of eye balls. - Peter, Malaysia

vertical crab farming

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