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Visit a fully operational farm, understand the day-day operations


Understand the Equipment Needed to set up a Crab Farm


Learn about the economics of mud crab aquaculture


Gain Insights about the current mud crab industry


Eliminate risk by avoiding costly mistakes

The adoption of the recirculating aquaculture systems has improved the productivity and yield of the mud crab industry. Adoption of vertical farming technology has boosted the production capabilities of small and medium stakeholders in soft shell crab production, crab fattening, and temporary holding systems. In this course, we will be revealing the techniques and profitability of the industry. Technical aspects of box selection, filtration systems, and operating procedures will be discussed in detail to ensure that investors are competent in designing and running their farms. We also aim to impart a good understanding of the biological requirements of the mud crabs. Most important, we will help you decide on the optimal business model catering to different risk profiles

  • Learn the basics of setting up a farm for sizing your mechanical filters, biofiltration and box design

  • Evaluate the profitability, risk and supply chain of the trade

  • Understand how RAS is a viable technology for the future

  • Understand the capital investment and operating cost 

  • Understand the competitors and global macro-economic forces with regards to the mud crab trade

Anytime, Anywhere Access to Course

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Feel free to reach us


It is an online course, you can access the course anytime, anywhere when you are available. 


Please make payment and inform us via We will grant your access to our online lectures with course materials worth USD 109 (PHP 5,200).

Feel free to reach us if you need any clarification. 


A combination of theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and most importantly experience from an operator and owner who is highly knowledgeable with the subject matter and the whole Industry. - Adam, Indonesia.

It gave the realization that the system requires a lot more thorough understanding of the market in Brunei and some groundwork required by relevant authorities, important players or stakeholders in the industry and more importantly consumers to help organize and create a more conducive market to allow the industry to grow and be competitive.- Tan, Singapore

I'm more confident in starting a vertical crab farm, but I still need to consider a bit more before committing to a decision. I realized a lot can go wrong and there are also a few other key players involved in building a long term sustainable crab business.- Khairul, Brunei

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