Biofloc technology is a new revolution to intensive shrimp farming with an alternative for treating in-situ culture water quality without affecting the shrimp production. This means that the water can be regularly checked and treated so as to provide a good condition for the shrimp growth. It is a zero water exchange intensive culture system that improves the water quality, effluent quality and growth performance.

Water quality parameters in biofloc are the main role in the survivability of shrimp cultured, therefore water level needs to be maintained within safe range . Parameters such as dissolved oxygen, pH, ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, alkalinity, settlement solid (SS) are significantly important in biofloc development. The biofloc system needs constant high DO for aeration of the shrimp and also the microbial activity in the water. High SS is the result of increasing biofloc particles inside the water and therefore need to be removed constantly. Avoiding high ammonia levels inside the culture system is one of the most important notes as it can be toxic for shrimp growth. All of these parameter