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Important Water Parameters for Indoor Biofloc Shrimp Farming | Aquaculture Technology

Water quality is important in any aquaculture production. Negligence in monitoring the water quality parameters might bring to a big loss to the farmers. RAS and biofloc both involve water quality monitoring, but they are slightly different in the parameters which depend on what animals you are culturing. Biofloc technology is a popular aquaculture practice as it is more sustainable to the economy and environment. This article will give a broad idea of what are the most important parameters to monitor when practicing biofloc technology.

Settleable solid

As biofloc technology practices zero water exchange, we can see a high accumulation of solids in the water. These solids come from dead organisms, feces, and leftover feed. Settleable solid is a form of solid that can settle on the bottom within one hour. Imhoff cones can be used to measure settleable solid in the biofloc water. High settleable solid will result in high turbidity to the water and compete for dissolved oxygen with the cultured organism. In fact, we have to maintain the settleable solid within the range of 10-15 ml/L. As cultured organisms continue to grow for a few months, there is always a time where the settleable solid will be very high and need fast action before it goes out of control. Commercial action that can be applied to remove this excess solid is by changing water or using a settling tank. The general concept of settling tanks is to pump in the biofloc water into a separate tank at a very low velocity (5 liter per minute), so that the solid will settle inside the settling tank and be easily removed.

Dissolved oxygen

Oxygen is crucial in biofloc technology. Optimum level for dissolved oxygen is at 5 ppm, depending on the cultured organism. Some farmers have issues with dissolved oxygen in their biofloc system which resulted in mass mortality to their cultured organism. It is well known that plants can produce oxygen through photosynthesis. Small plants including algae are availab