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Learn the basics of setting up a farm for selection of tank size, species, and tank design


Understand the basic of having good management of culture water


Learn how to manage and calculate the feed supply to the fish


Understand the capital investment and operating costs.


Understand how biofloc technology is viable for the future

Looking to start your own tilapia farm using biofloc technology? Our comprehensive course has got you covered! With in-depth lessons on everything from setting up your farm to managing water quality, feeding and nutrition, disease prevention and treatment, and more, you'll gain the knowledge and skills you need to successfully raise tilapia using biofloc techniques. Our experienced instructors will guide you through each step of the process, sharing their expertise and insights to help you maximize your yield while minimizing your environmental impact. Join our course today and discover the exciting world of sustainable aquaculture with tilapia farming and biofloc technology!


​Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the principles and benefits of biofloc technology for sustainable aquaculture.

  2. Know how to set up and manage a tilapia farm using biofloc techniques, including water quality management, feeding and nutrition, and disease prevention and treatment.

  3. Be familiar with the different stages of tilapia growth and how to optimize growth rates and yields.

  4. Understand the economic and environmental implications of tilapia farming with biofloc technology.

  5. Be able to implement best practices for sustainable and profitable tilapia farming using biofloc methods.

  6. Have gained practical skills and knowledge that can be applied to other fish farming ventures using biofloc technology.

  7. Have access to a supportive community of like-minded aquaculture enthusiasts to exchange ideas and get expert advice.

Biofloc Tilapia Farming Online Course  - $40 Only!

Key Modules

  1. Introduction to Aquaculture

  2. Sustainable Aquaculture

  3. Biology of Tilapia

  4. Water Quality Management

  5. Tilapia Farming Chemicals

  6. Tilapia Farming Equipment

  7. Biofloc Technology

  8. Biosecurity

  9. Nursery Operation with Biofloc 

  10. Grow out Operation with Biofloc

  11. Breeding Tilapia

  12. Feed Management and Nutrition

  13. Fish Health Diagnostic 

  14. Marketing Tilapia

  15. Business Modelling

  16. Overview of the Tilapia Industry


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