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Visit a fully operational farm, understand the day-day operations


Understand the Equipment Needed to set up a Crab Farm


Learn about the economics of mud crab aquaculture


Gain Insights about the current mud crab industry


Eliminate risk by avoiding costly mistakes


Interact with like minded entrepreneurs in building a more sustainable future


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A combination of theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and most importantly experience from an operator and owner who is highly knowledgeable with the subject matter and the whole Industry. - Adam, Indonesia

It gave the realization that the system requires a lot more thorough understanding of the market in Brunei and some groundwork required by relevant authorities, important players or stakeholders in the industry and more importantly consumers to help organize and create a more conducive market to allow the industry to grow and be competitive.- Tan, Singapore

I'm more confident in starting a vertical crab farm, but I still need to consider a bit more before committing to a decision. I realized a lot can go wrong and there are also a few other key players involved in building a long term sustainable crab business.- Khairul, Brunei

Course Details

The adoption of the recirculating aquaculture systems has improved the productivity and yield of the mud crab industry. Adoption of vertical farming technology has boosted the production capabilities of small and medium stakeholders in soft shell crab production, crab fattening, and temporary holding systems. In this course, we will be revealing the techniques and profitability of the industry. Technical aspects of box selection, filtration systems, and operating procedures will be discussed in detail to ensure that investors are competent in designing and running their farms. We also aim to impart a good understanding of the biological requirements of the mud crabs. Most important, we will help you decide on the optimal business model catering to different risk profiles. 

Day 01




Introduction to RAS system, unit operations, design considerations, sizing, water quality


Tour of the RAS used for mud crab aquaculture


Lunch Break


Introduction to the biology and habitat of mud crab. Explanation on softshell crab production,  grow-out. 


Tour of the Crabs within the RAS system,gender ID, diseases, species, general handling. 


General overview of the mud crab production methods. 


Course Completion for Day 01

Day 02


Mortality and performance of RAS systems for mud crab aquaculture


Supply Chain Analysis of the mud crab aquaculture in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines. 


Understanding the typical CAPEX and OPEX needed to start a crab farm. Along with the typical ROI for different scenarios. 


Understanding the typical CAPEX and OPEX needed to start a crab farm. Along with the typical ROI for different scenarios. 


Estimation of Market Size, and competitive forces. Future Development of the industry


Course Completion


From Singapore,

Direct Buses are available from Singapore from Golden Mile or Boon Lay Shopping Centre to Kluang. One of the good liners to travel with are 5 Star, which operates more than 7 trips a day. Note that might be wise to purchase your ticket earlier as many Malaysian travels back from Singapore to Malaysia on the weekends (especially Friday Night). Tickets available on here. 

From Kuala Lumpur,

Direct buses are available from KL (TBS terminal) to Kluang, at high frequency. Good liners you can consider are S&S and KKKL, Transnational, etc. You can check the timing of the buses at here .


There are a few hotels to consider when staying in Kluang, and we have included a few for your reference here. Our farm is located about 15 minutes away from the city center.

Getting Around

We are located about 15 minutes’ drive away from the Kluang Town, the farm is easily accessible with any car. For those whom are not from Malaysia, you could use the GRAB car app to get a cab to pick you up at the hotel.

Getting Here

COVID-19 Travel Restriction

Can't Travel?

We understand the difficulty of traveling to Malaysia to attend our courses during the pandemic. For this, we have created an online course that helps cover the same material in our physical course. You can enjoy the course anywhere in the world at the comforts of your home. Also, we have created a forum for online course attendees to ask questions and discuss future collaborations. 

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