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Who Can You Sell Your Live Shrimp to?

Today, we're going to talk about the live shrimp we brought from Mersing (where our outdoor shrimp farm is located). If you've ever wondered to whom we sell the shrimp and how we keep it in the crab farm for the time being, read the article until the end.

RAS Aquaculture has an outdoor pond-based shrimp farm in Mersing, Johor, in addition to the indoor shrimp farm that uses biofloc technology. We primarily harvest shrimp from the shrimp pond once they have grown large enough to be harvested. In the past week, we have harvested hundreds of kilograms of shrimp to sell to an aquaculture company.

Shrimp pond

We recently harvested the shrimp from the pond for one of our regular customers, an owner of an aquatic pet shop. We usually keep the live shrimp in our crab farm's holding tank until the customer comes to pick them up. When the shrimp are kept in the tank, they may die after a while due to the new environment. As a precaution, we always harvest more than what is requested.

Shrimp were placed in the crab's holding tank first

Shrimp can be sold for various reasons. One of them is to aquatic pet stores. They usually sell the live shrimp as bait to fishermen and those who fish as a hobby. Some people buy them at the pet stores for cooking, possibly because the shrimp on the market has run out.

Second, restaurants, particularly seafood restaurants. Shrimp is a popular demand in seafood restaurants, and it is usually purchased in large quantities. We occasionally supply live shrimp to some restaurants on days when the shrimp stock is low, possibly due to bad weather or peak seasons. We also have packed frozen shrimp available for purchase.

Our cooked crab at a restaurant

Third, we can sell live shrimp to customers who intend to resell them. Shrimp breed relatively quickly and easily. People who own a shrimp farm will typically purchase PLs from us and grow them until they are ready to be harvested and sold. You can also sell your shrimp to other breeders who have just started out in this line of business.

Harvested Shrimp

Finally, shrimp can be sold to farmers to feed larger fish. In this case, the condition of your shrimp and how well you care for them may or may not be relevant, as it will not matter to these customers.

In summary, breeding and selling shrimp has become a profitable business opportunity for many aquarium enthusiasts. When you get into the shrimp business, you'll notice that more and more people want to join you. Then, you'll be able to quickly recoup your investment.

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I am really impressed with your writing style. Keep it up!Thanking You...!


kan ni na
kan ni na
Dec 21, 2023

hi sir, raising is one issue, market selling price also not so encouraging in this biz. I am not sure if you selling it at regular wholesale price which is very low.

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